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Infrastructure and Transportation

I-84 & I-91 Tunnel Plan: A New Vision for Greater Hartford

Connecticut faces significant infrastructure challenges. The I-84 viaduct in Hartford is badly congested and in need of repair. Currently, it splits Hartford in two—cutting off residents and businesses in the North End from the rest of the city. At the same time, I-91 has deprived Hartford of waterfront property along the Connecticut River that could otherwise be used for recreation or development. And perhaps most worrisome, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has identified upgrades to our aging levee system that must be made in order to keep our communities safe from floods.   

Rather than taking a piecemeal approach, we need a comprehensive plan to addressing our region’s challenges.  That’s why John proposed a new solution to reunite Hartford, recapture the Connecticut Riverfront, and repair our crumbling levees.

John’s 100 Year Vision would bury I-84 in a tunnel beneath much of Hartford and into East Hartford. A second tunnel would bury I-91 along the Connecticut River, allowing us to finally recapture the waterfront.

Tunneling will allow us to repair our eroding levee systems before a tragedy happens. Furthermore, routing I-84 and I-91 through tunnels would allow us to keep the existing viaduct open until the new routes are open—preventing a costly shutdown of our highways and the city as a whole.

Once the tunnels are in place, we would remove the Aetna Viaduct and return those streets to local boulevards, providing acres of green spaces and developable land for Hartford—transforming the city into a livable, walkable community.

Tunneling would also alleviate the severe traffic congestion along our highways and bridges. A significant portion of the vehicles causing congestion on I-84 are just passing through. Directing that traffic through a tunnel bypass would allow it to flow through smoothly without clogging up local roads or interfering with drivers bound for Hartford.  

East Hartford would also be transformed. Currently, the “mixmaster” of off-ramps and on-ramps alongside the Connecticut River has roughly the same footprint as Hartford’s own downtown neighborhood. Removing the mixmaster would allow this valuable property to be reclaimed and repurposed.

On top of this, returning the Bulkeley, Founders, and Charter Oak Bridges to the  boulevards they once were would open both sides of the river to local traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Connecting our newest National Historic Park—Coltsville—to the Connecticut River would also increase interest in tourism. We could transform Hartford and East Hartford into a livable, interconnected, and vibrant community that will attract businesses and new residents alike.

Infrastructure investment means jobs. A project like this would provide significant work in a number of fields, giving the people of Connecticut the security and dignity of a steady paycheck.

We need to plan for our future. We need to put an end to stopgap solutions that are obsolete before the shovel even hits the ground. This is our moment. John’s plan will revitalize our community and transform the region for future generations.

Click here for more information on the tunnel proposal.

John introduced the America Wins Act, a $1 trillion infrastructure investment over a 10-year period. This proposal would pave the way for projects like the I-84/I-91 Tunnel proposal nationwide, without raising the national debt. To learn more please click here.

Letters of Support

Trinity Health 


St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Greater Hartford Flood Commission 

Metro Hartford Alliance

CT River Valley Chamber of Commerce

CT State Senate Delegation

CT Road Builders Association, Inc. 

CT Construction Industries Association, Inc. 

CT Asphalt & Aggregate Producers Association, Inc. 

Testimony of Senator John Fonfara

CT State Senate Letter

Connecticut Laborers’ District Council

Connecticut Ready Mixed Concreate Association

Riverfront Recapture


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August 12, 2019 Press Release
Today, Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) was joined by Don Shubert, President of the Connecticut Construction Industries Association and Amanda Schoen, Deputy Director of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters to highlight the importance of acting now to address our global climate crisis and investing in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.
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Today, Chairman John B Larson (CT-01), Chair of the Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee testified at the Budget Committee hearing on Retirement Security in the 21st Century.
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Today, Reps. John B. Larson (CT-01) and Kenny Marchant (TX-24) introduced the Invest in America Act that would repeal the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980, which applies capital gains taxes to foreign persons who invest in U.S. real estate.
March 6, 2019 Press Release
In today’s Ways and Means Committee Hearing on “Our Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure and the Need for Immediate Action”, Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) further highlighted the urgent need for infrastructure investment after eight years of inaction from the Republican led Congress.
November 20, 2018 Event
Larson To Host Public Forum on Tunnel Proposal
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A public conversation about the economic benefits and technology related to tunnel projects and the future of Greater Hartford’s infrastructure.
October 23, 2018 Press Release

Hartford, CT – Today Congressman John Larson (CT-01) released the following statement after the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 was signed into law, which contained a provision Larson fought to include, directing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct expedited feasibility reports on repairing the Hartford and East Hartford levee systems:


October 1, 2018 Op-Ed and Letters
Originally appeared in the Journal Inquirer on Sept. 22nd.
September 18, 2018 Press Release
Yesterday, Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) hosted a delegation from Seattle, WA for an Educational Forum about their recent experience in replacing an aging highway viaduct with a tunnel and the lessons that we can learn as Greater Hartford seeks to reconstruct our highway system and transform our region for the future.