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Public Forum on Social Security

Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm
210 Capitol Ave.
Hartford, CT 06106
United States

Dear Friends,

Social Security isn’t an entitlement, it is the insurance Americans have paid for with every paycheck. It helps provide economic security for millions of Americans including seniors, people with disabilities, and children and spouses who have lost a provider. 


That’s why I’m working to expand Social Security. I was recently named Chairman of the Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee, where I will be taking the lead to conduct hearings and introduce legislation to strengthen Social Security. 


On January 30th I will be introducing a landmark bill that would increase benefits, protect Social Security for generations to come, and cut taxes for millions of seniors. President Roosevelt created Social Security and on his birthday I will be joined by other Members of Congress in introducing the Social Security 2100 Act. You can watch the introduction on my Facebook page.


The next day, January 31st, is the anniversary of the first Social Security check being issued to Ida May Fuller in 1940. In celebration of that historic day, I will be holding a public forum in Hartford to discuss the importance of this legislation with you. For two-thirds of beneficiaries, Social Security makes up the majority of their income. With 10,000 Americans becoming eligible for benefits every day, it is time to secure the program. This is about providing economic security not only for today’s seniors, but for generations to come. 


I hope you’ll join me on the 31st!  If you have any questions please call my office at 860-278-8888. 



Public Forum on Social Security



Thursday, January 31st 


State Capitol

Room 310

Hartford, CT