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Larson Joins UConn to Launch Book on Healthy Homes for Children

August 6, 2013
Press Release

Hartford - Monday, August 5th, Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01)  joined the University of Connecticut's Department of Extension in a book reading of Susie and Jerome Learn about a Healthy Home. The book, written by Department of Extension Educators Joan Bothell and Mary-Margaret Gaudio, is part of the Healthy Environments for Children Initiative (HEC) designed to help parents, guardians, teachers and other caring adults provide a healthy environment for children. The book was developed in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

"This book is an excellent way to educate our young children and families on effective, safe practices around the home," said Congressman Larson. "Whether you are a parent or a child, every member of a household should work together to create a healthier, safer living environment. I thank UConn for giving me the opportunity to participate in their book launch and look forward to seeing this partnership help children and families across the state."

According to Gaudio, "By involving children at an early age and introducing them to characters they can relate to--like Susie and Jerome--we hope to instill life-long good habits."

Click Here to Watch the Animated Version


Monday's book reading took place at the East Hartford YMCA preschool program located in the Lois Pauline Nolan Larson Center. The book focuses on ways children and families can create a healthier home in order to minimize health risks and safety hazards such as lead poisoning, asthma attacks and exposure to dangerous chemicals like pesticides or tobacco smoke. Copies of the book and healthy home fact sheets were distributed to families in attendance following the reading.



Susie B. Careful and her fish friend, Jerome,
Are proud to call Mayberry Village their home.
It's now safer and healthier, with a future green garden,
Thanks to the efforts of Congressman Larson.

UConn's thanks go to him and his hardworking staff,
We're delighted he read, and made us all laugh.
Linkletter's gone, but John Larson's still here
Teaching kids to be healthy, with wit and good cheer.

By Mary Margerat Gaudio & Joan Bothell, UConn