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Congressman John Larson

Representing the 1st District of Connecticut

Larson: Prevent Sequester with Fair, Balanced Plan

February 26, 2013
Press Release

Hartford, CT – Today Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) released the following statement on the upcoming sequester. Without Congressional action, the sequester will begin automatic, across the board budget cuts to a wide range of services and programs across the country starting this Friday, March 1st:

"The looming impact of sequestration is becoming clearer each day. I voted against the sequester in 2011 because I felt that getting our fiscal house in order should start with job creation, not reckless across the board cuts. Now, with four days left, only a shrinking few truly want these cuts to come to fruition. Congress should work together this week and vote on a balanced plan that creates jobs rather than cuts them, and grows our economy instead of getting in the way of our recovery.

"Job creation continues to be the priority here in Connecticut. Despite a steady recovery and strong industrial manufacturing base, many residents are still looking for a job and can ill-afford to lose the programs and services that will help them get back into the workplace. With cuts to job search assistance and other employment programs, more than 10,000 Connecticut residents could lose this critical help if sequestration goes through. This, like most of these cuts, is counterproductive as we work to decrease unemployment nationwide.

"Those seeking employment would not be the only ones impacted by sequestration in Connecticut. Schools will see a loss in funding, putting educators' jobs at risk and hurting services to students with disabilities. Hundreds of children would lose access to Head Start, and others would lose the care they need so that their parents can continue to work. Funding that supports our law enforcement would be reduced, and up to 300 victims of domestic violence would see a loss in services. While there is no doubt that we should address our national debt, these automatic cuts place further burden on education, child care, and public safety while continuing to allow highly profitable industries such as big oil to receive tax breaks. These cuts and others are far from what Americans need as many continue to struggle in our recovery.

"It's not a secret that sequestration is wrong for our country. Today, just as in 2011, many experts and officials know that Congress needs to come together on a fair and balanced plan that strengthens our recovery and improves employment. I urge every member to listen to the American people, and work together to prevent the sequester."