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LARSON: This Health Care Bill is Robin Hood in Reverse

June 22, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) released the following statement after the Senate Republicans released their health care bill:


“It is no surprise that the Senate kept their bill hidden for so long. The bill still devastates Medicaid, still endangers the Medicare trust fund, and will still cause millions of Americans to become uninsured. However, I am most concerned about the impact of the Senate’s bill on those living with pre-existing conditions and the ability of the middle class to get affordable, comprehensive care. This bill remains a tax proposal, not a bill to help the people of Connecticut,” said Larson.


“The bill is Robin Hood in reverse; it provides tax cuts to the wealthy on the backs of the middle class. When we passed the ACA, we had an open and transparent process with public hearings, committee debates, and the adoption of amendments from both sides of the aisle. The Senate is rushing this bill to the floor without any input from the American public. In the words of President Trump, for so many Americans especially the working poor and the middle class, this bill is mean.”