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Larson Fights Back on Medicare Cuts During Mark-Up

March 9, 2017
Press Release

Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) fought into the early morning hours of Thursday against the Republican health care proposal. This proposal would cause the average American to pay more money for less coverage and would give tax breaks to the nation’s wealthiest.

“I was here 7 years ago when we heard, very poignantly, from the other side about what we were doing in fact to hurt Medicare, but the fact of the matter was, that we increased and enhanced Medicare. And to sit to here and realize that $170 billion and three years . . . of Medicare solvency go down the tubes is staggering . . . .  That’s why the AARP has come out so strongly against this bill, is because what this does to Medicare. Medicare is the lifeline for so many of our seniors and then to cut the solvency by three years and then $170 billion so that people at the top end can get a tax break, are you kidding me? That is just flat-out immoral, illogical and wrong,” said Larson during the mark-up.

The Republicans voted to move the bill forward, without including any Democratic amendments. This bill makes it more costly for average Americans to afford health insurance. It also reduces the solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund by three years and includes a $170 billion giveaway to the wealthy, including a tax cut averaging about $7 million for the 400 richest taxpayers. This proposal is a “relief and rescue plan” for the wealthy, not for the average American.

Rep. Larson’s comments can be viewed here.