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Larson Calls for Immediate Action on Puerto Rico's Ongoing Crisis

April 20, 2016
Press Release

Washington – Today, Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) called again for Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican Leadership to act now to prevent Puerto Rico from defaulting on its bond payments. On May 1st, Puerto Rico’s next major payment comes due. Larson issued the following statement urging swift, bipartisan action:

“Millions of Americans continue to suffer in Puerto Rico. Congress has the power and responsibility to provide relief, however time is quickly running out,” said Larson. “Speaker Ryan pledged to address Puerto Rico’s ongoing crisis, and I applauded him for making that commitment. With the May 1st deadline looming, Republican Leadership has a choice to make: either work with Democrats on a bipartisan solution—as we have pledged to do—or craft a bill that appeals only to the far right fringes without providing a viable resolution for the island. I urge them to choose the former, as Democrats remain willing to work with them on an actual solution. We cannot afford further delay while Americans face devastating losses.

“Just this weekend, I spoke with our Puerto Rican community in Hartford. They feel the pain of this crisis keenly. Many have seen their families and loved ones struggle while Congress stalls. We need action. Democrats stand ready and willing to help Speaker Ryan draft a plan that will let Puerto Rico restructure its debt and get back on its feet.”

In March, Larson issued a letter to Speaker Ryan urging action on Puerto Rico’s economic crisis. He has also met with leaders across the First District and Connecticut to discuss the impact the ongoing tumult has on communities across the state.