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Congressman John Larson

Representing the 1st District of Connecticut


April 14, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) released the following statement after President Trump announced limited military strikes to dismantle the Syrian Regime's military assets used to carry out recent chemical attacks on a suburb of Damascus.

“The President made a decision to dismantle military assets used by the Syrian government to conduct horrific chemical attacks against its own civilian population in violation of international law. I commend the President for working with our allies to conduct swift action to punish such heinous crimes against humanity. However, any military action is tantamount to an act of war and Congress bears a constitutional responsibility to address the Administration's authorities before any further decisions are made. The President mentioned ‘sustained’ efforts tonight in his address, I call on Speaker Ryan to bring up a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force to address these efforts and to create a clear path forward. As a nation of laws, it is a shame that Congress has continued to forego its authority in such critical times. Congress needs to return to Washington and have a sobering debate on a necessary scope of authorities needed to sufficiently address unfolding events in Syria and the potential escalation of the conflict,” said Larson.