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House Passes Bill to Ensure Post-Kidney Transplant Medication is Covered by Medicare

December 10, 2020
Press Release
Larson Led the Passage of the Bill on the Floor

Washington, D.C. – This week the House passed H.R. 2477, the Beneficiary Enrollment Notification and Eligibility Simplification (BENES) Act of 2019. Larson led the passage of the bill on the House floor. The BENES Act included H.R. 5534, Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients Act, which extends Medicare coverage of essential immunosuppressant drugs for kidney transplant patients. The legislation was supported by health care advocates.

Click here to see Larson’s remarks.

“I’m proud to have supported the BENES Act to ensure kidney transplant patients have access to the immunosuppressant drugs that they need. I have heard from the Hartford Hospital Kidney Transplant Group and the National Kidney Foundation how vitally important this legislation is and am so pleased it was included in the BENES Act,” said Larson.

“As a Transplant Recipient, I appreciate Representative Larson’s support of extending coverage of immunosuppressive drugs for the life of a kidney transplant. I applaud the House for passing this important bill, because kidney patients like me should not have to choose between paying the rent or keeping their kidney. This bill will help many patients, and I am thankful for its passage,” said Armand Halter, a local National Kidney Foundation Advocate.

“After many years of tireless advocacy on behalf of kidney patients, NKF is proud that the US House of Representatives has extended coverage of immunosuppressive drugs for the life of a kidney transplant. This bill will ensure that kidney patients do not need to choose between rent, food, and keeping their kidney, and will help ensure increased availability of organs for others in need of a transplant. This is a great day for the kidney community, and we are thankful to our Congressional champions for their support and prioritization of this critical legislation,” Kevin Longino, CEO, National Kidney Foundation and a kidney transplant patient.