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Larson Fights for CT Middle-Class During Day Mark-Up of GOP Tax Plan

November 7, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Ways and Means Committee met for the first day of the mark-up of the harmful Republican Tax Plan. This proposal is a direct attack on Connecticut’s middle-class. Corporations will be getting tax cuts on the backs of hard-working families and individuals in Connecticut. This a part of the old Republican plan to make cuts to Medicare and Social Security, programs that Americans have paid for.  The timeframe that our Republican colleagues are working under is self-imposed and is not taking the concerns of the middle-class taxpayer seriously.


- Larson called out the Republicans for a partisan process and rushing this bill forward before taxpayers can understand how it will affect them. Roll Call has more here.

- Larson pointed out that the Republican process was conducted behind closed doors and has had no public hearings, expert witnesses or debate on the bill.  He highlighted that the elimination of the State and Local Tax deductions results in double taxation for the people in states like Connecticut, which can be viewed here. Connecticut is considered a donor state that pays more than their fair share into the federal coffers and the middle-class will shoulder this burden the most.  His remarks can be viewed here.

 How does this affect the First District:  The GOP wants to impose double-taxation on Connecticut families with this plan.  41% of Connecticut taxpayers claim the state and local tax deduction, the second highest rate on country.  This bill would eliminate the deduction for state and local income and sales taxes and cap the property tax deduction at $10,000.  This is just one of a slew of vital tax deductions that are eliminated in the bill in order to provide tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy.  The neutral Joint Committee on Taxation calculated the effect this plan would have on a married couple living in West Hartford with a kid in college and who are homeowners paying off a mortgage.  They found this family would see a $767 tax hike next year.  By 2023, they would see a $1,667 tax hike.  That is why Rep. Larson is calling on the majority to abandon this partisan proposal and to have an open process with expert witnesses so that the American public can understand how this legislation will affect them.   

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