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Larson on Citizens United 5th Anniversary

January 21, 2015
Press Release

Washington - “For five years, our elections have been bombarded with unreported and unlimited contributions following Citizens United. That decision and others made by the Supreme Court have pushed many out of the electoral process and severely lowered the ability of everyday Americans to have their voice heard. That’s why I recently lead a task force to brainstorm new approaches and legislation to counter these misguided decisions from the Court last Congress. I am proud to join with former Members of the Task Force on Election Reform this year as they introduce several important bills to reverse the impact of Citizens United and know that these measures are proof that not only does the Democratic Caucus have the desire to get money out of politics – we have a plan. I commend my colleagues for their work to strengthen participation in our electoral process and remain committed to eliminating the corrosive impact of money in politics.”