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Larson, Blumenthal, Murphy Applaud National Park Service Continued Support of Coltsville

April 24, 2013
Press Release

Click here for a Timeline of Congressman Larson's Efforts on Coltsville

Washingto) – Today Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01), Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Senator Chris Murphy applauded the National Park Service for their continued support of establishing Coltsville as a National Park. This week Deputy Director of the National Park Service Peggy O'Dell testified at a Senate National Parks Subcommittee hearing in support of S. 615, to establish Coltsville National Historical Park in the State of Connecticut. In her testimony she noted the progress made over the last two years as well as the significant promise for the future of Coltsville.

"I am very pleased that the National Park Service has reaffirmed their commitment to Coltsville's National Park designation," said Larson. "There steady support over the last three years as well as the support of our state and local officials is a testament to the value and importance of preserving the history of Coltsville.

"Widely known as one of the catalysts of the industrial revolution, Coltsville was home to a community centered around manufacturing," Larson continued. "Under the direction of Elizabeth Colt, the first woman to lead a top five manufacturing company, Coltsville's apprenticeship program lead to the development of the typewriter, automobile and eventually the airplane engine. Manufacturing is part of our DNA, and the story of Coltsville continues to be deeply rooted in our history."

"I was pleased to hear that the National Park Service supports the enactment of S. 615, legislation that would help make possible the designation of Coltsville National Historical Park in Hartford, Conn," said Blumenthal. "The Coltsville complex is a historic treasure, enshrining Colt's powerful role in advancing the industrial revolution and manufacturing in Connecticut and nationwide. The Coltsville National Historical Park Act will help preserve an important piece of our state's history and help ensure that generations to come have the opportunity to visit and learn about this historic landmark."

"There isn't a project in Hartford that has more economic potential for the city than Coltsville. It could be a game changer for the city of Hartford, and I'm thrilled that the National Park Service recognizes the progress the project has made in recent years," said Murphy. "Coltsville's rich history and contributions to our state's economy and manufacturing sector should be honored and recognized for generations to come. Designating this site as a National Park will help boost economic development and tourism in the region, and will help educate visitors from across the country about Connecticut's manufacturing history."

The Coltsville National Historical Park Act would give authority to establish a National Park at Coltsville to the Secretary of the Interior once certain criteria is met. During a previous visit to Hartford, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar pledged his support for a National Park at Coltsville. Coltsville was named a National Historic Landmark in 2008.

Samuel Colt established the Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company in 1855. His wife Elizabeth would run and operate the site for nearly 40 years after his passing, helping to develop a fully integrated industrial district with manufacturing facilities, worker housing and community amenities such as social and religious buildings. A center of innovation and entrepreneurship, Coltsville had a major impact on the state and national economy for decades.